Eastern Anatolia Tours

1 St.DAY:
Adiyaman Airport Transfer to Our Hotel (Kahta – Kommagene Hotel)
Leave 14.00 P.M. visit to Karakuş Tumullus, burial Tomb of  four queens 1st century B.C. Roman(Cendere) Bridge 2nd century A.D.
Eskia Kahta Castle, Arsameia ruin place , 250 B.C. Kommagene, ian summer capital.
and  UNESCO World  Heritage Monument, Nemrut, at 2206 metres altitued. watch the sunset at the Throne of The Gods.
Overnight Kahta


2nd DAY:
Leave for Diyarbakır, (170 km) drive  over the Third longst Hanging bridge in Turkey on Euprates.
Visit the; Hights city walls in the world and the second longst city walls after chaines walls, Grand Mousque, Caravansaray, several inns, Churcges and Hevsel Gardens on the bank of Tigris River(Dicle).
Departure for Hasankeyf-, visit this historical city on the Tigris ,. ruins from cave age to islamic period.
Leave for Midyat; ancient surayanian city (the first christians) the motherland of  handmade silver ,visit the Tur Abidin Monastry.
Overnight at Midyat(Kasrı Nehruz Hotel)


3rd DAY:

Departure for Mardin, visit; Deyrul Zaferan Monastry, old Erdoba Houses, Kasimiye Medrese and old Mardin Bazaar.
Late afternoon leave for DARA Antique City , water tunells,underground water sistern, cave graves,roman Necropolos.


4th DAY:

… Departure for Şanlıurfa (170 km) ,visit the Göbekli Tepe ruin place  on the way , 11.000 B.C.
Harran ,town with conic houses ,first islamic university, a castle from 9 th century A.D. 45 km.
Visit the Abraham Fish Lake ,Castle ,cave where Abraham was born  and Gümrük Han, Old Bazaar.
Overnight Urfa.

5 th DAY.
Departure for Gaziantep, a boat tour on the Euprathes at Halfeti town.  see the Castle by the lake (Rum Kale).zerrin kale) and the mousqes,schools,houses which are  partly under the water .
A short visit to the Bald Ibis Birds at Birecik town by Euprathes River. Visit to, Zeugma-Belkiz on the side of Euprathes ,the location
where the foumus mozaics were excuated.
-Visiting Mozaic Museum in Gaziantep. castle, capper bazaar, old inns,shops,houses and spice bazaar.
Overnight Gaziantep


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